Uninstall OnyonLock Ransomware – How to Remove OnyonLock Ransomware

OnyonLock Ransomware: Description

Presence of OnyonLock Ransomware can result extremely harmful for the efficiency and performance of PC. It is fatal in nature that carries ability to lead the system to destructive situations or make it almost useless. Whats even worse, it spreads like a wild fire and is hard to contain. It has damaged millions of the Windows PC across the world and the count is still on. Once it invades PC, it start its malicious activities in the background. One of the main objective is to install of malicious codes internally through it can bring bundles of malignant threats. Moreover, it also disables the working of pre-installed antivirus and other securities of the infected PC.

Threat Assessment of OnyonLock Ransomware

  • Damage Level: Low to Medium
  • Distribution: Wild
  • System Infected: All versions of Windows PC.
  • No. of files infects: 0-51 at a time
  • Affected Countries: Worldwide

The OnyonLock Ransomware is an encryption Trojan that was reported in the third week of May 2017. Samples of the threat were submitted to online security platforms, and it was revealed that the Trojan functions identically to the Cryptobyte Ransomware. The threat is programmed to encrypt data on the compromised machine and hold the user’s files hostage until a ransom is paid and a decryption software is sent to the user’s email, which can decrypt the corrupted data. Threats like OnyonLock Ransomware and the HTRS Ransomware do not collect data, but they limit the user’s access to information on the machine. The OnyonLock Trojan may be delivered to users via spam emails and fake Internet speed optimization programs. How to Recognize an Attack by the OnyonLock Ransomware The threat is named after the ‘.onyon’ extension placed at the end…

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